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back to school shopping

Mom got me a $100 gift card for back to school shopping, so I went and spent that today. I got a bunch of new shirts (I'm a sucker for things with laces, lace and/or extra poofy stuff at the sleeves, so I did pretty well for shirts this year), 4 of those plastic folders I like to use for my "main folder" (I have a system in which I keep blank paper in one side of a plastic folder, generic stuff I always need, like my class schedule, in the other side of the folder and then use a different colored paper folder with brads for binding paper for each class), 6 paper folders with brads, 2 new index card boxes (which always get abducted for RPG stuff sooner or later but which I always have great intentions of using to store flashcards in, even though that would involve making flashcards first), a set of colored pencils and a set of colored pens. I should have plenty of mechanical pencils let from last year, assuming I can find them. ^_^;

I really have no idea what supplies one really needs for grad school anyway. I wanted a big box of crayons, but I'm pretty sure I won't need them. ^_^ I talked myself into the colored pencils for color-coding purposes. I got a set of mechanical colored pencils before, but these come in more colors, so if I need to make a lot of distinctions I'll get these out.

I need to sew myself some new pants, but I'm lazy and don't like pinning. Bah. I think I just don't like pants. I have much better luck with shirts, although I was too busty to wear some of the ones I picked out today. I hate that. >.< I'm tempted just to sew myself a bunch of skirts, but if I can make pants that fit I'd really rather wear pants. They're just harder to sew, and I didn't see any I liked this year. (Well, except these lace ones, but I know they'd snag on something and rip within a week, so I didn't get them.) I miss the 80s. If it were the 80s I could just go buy a bunch of pairs of opaque neon tights and not have to worry about the fact that my jeans will probably end up with rips in the next 6 months, because that would be fashonable, although my pants rarely wear out in "fashonable" places like the knees, opting instead for things like holes around the back pockets. Plus then big hair would be in, and that's what my hair likes to look like anyway. I seem to be babbling.

Oh, and my mom called and told me that she "found my calculator". I think she thinks I should be all excited about this, but I have no idea which one she found, and I bought a TI-89 last summer and that's better than any of my old ones anyway. I kind of hope she found the scientific I used in high school, because it's kind of handy when all you're trying to do are conversions between numerical bases. I really don't care if I ever see my TI-85 again, although I guess it's better than nothing for a back-up. I wonder if the batteries are still good in that thing. I used to have all these song lyrics stored in memory, because I'd type them in in class while thinking about Sean when I was supposed to be paying attention. I still haven't really gotten my brain back from when he ran off with it at the end of my freshman year. Gah. At least I don't type as much stupid shit into my calculator, though. Ok, now I'm sure I'm babbling.

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