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I finally got my computer set up again

Well, I'm "home" from school for another summer. This is slightly dimmed by the fact I'll be commuting to summer school all summer and by the fact that it doesn't really feel like home, but oh well. Hmm...158 email messages. Yay mailing lists.

Dad hasn't been home much because he's been over at his girlfriend's house. It kind of bugs me, because I just got home and I wanted to spend some time with him. I'm also not a big fan of being the only one in the house when I go to sleep. It's different at school, where I'm in my own room but there are plenty of other people in the building. I suppose it's also weird just because this doesn't really feel like my house. I've never lived here full-time. Before college, I lived with my mother and just came over here a few weekends a month, and I've never even spent a full summer here. I spent my first college summer at my mom's house, and last summer all over the place, not settling here until mid-July.

Oh, and anyone to sending me email - my account works just fine for incoming messages, but because I'm connected through my dad's service I can't use my normal outgoing mail server. Until I find out what server to route messages through, no out-bound email for me. I could use pine or one of the web-based services, but I'd rather just wait until I know which server to use. This should be resolved in a day or two.

There are birds chirping in dad's roof again, I think. That'll annoy him when he finds out.

Wow, this entry is totally pointless. Yay me.

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