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Pretty much offline

So, I haven't actually been caught up on my Typical Internet Obligations since....um...November, I think.

Basically, I sprained my ankle again on Thanksgiving, and my computer set-up was not conducive to elevating it. Then I decided to be really militant about doing the PT this time in hopes of the ankle getting better, and that kind of sucked up all of the fucks I could give, leaving none left for getting caught up on everything in the internet.

Then, in January, just as my ankle was starting to recover, I found out that the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission in my state changed the license renewal rules without bothering to tell anyone, and I now needed 25 hours of professional development before I could renew my license in May as opposed to the zero I needed before the change. That took up pretty much all of my spare time from January through March, and I was again out of extra fucks to give about getting caught up online.

By now, the backlog was pretty overwhelming.

Also, I decided that if I had to spend the equivalent of a used car on my goddamn ankle (PT, new orthotics, expensive new hiking boots with proper ankle support) I was going to appreciate it. Otherwise, I would have been better off to get the car and hobble around. (My poor car needs the dashboard fan repaired. Depending on what is wrong, it will cost between $5 and $500. Finding out which would cost about $45 since they have to take stuff apart. I've borrowed the van from my dad until I have $500 spare so I don't have to pay the $45 twice if it's an expensive fix.) So, I've been making a point of taking a long walk every single day, which further cuts into my online time.

So anyway, if there is anything going on that I really need to know about, call or text me and don't assume I'll see it if you post it here or Twitter, or really even if you email me (I'm currently trying to dig out April's email). I'm not sure how hard I'll try to get back into the internet again. My computer is pretty much in need of replacement and I'm both broke and angry about Secure Boot, so I don't really have a clear path to replacing it. (I want both a new desktop and a tablet that is almost, but not entirely, unlike anything I think I could actually buy.)

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