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Trying to make a go of this Dreamwidth thing

So it's been several weeks and the LJ changes are still, in fact, really annoying to me (and breaking all kinds of things, to the point that I'm still finding new broken things on a regular basis, such as current mood disappearing from my friends page), and LJ hasn't shown any signs of undoing them (ideally accompanied by profuse apologies and process changes to make them not happen again), so I'm trying to find more to do on Dreamwidth in an effort to slowly shift the bulk of my reading over by the process of not finding more things on LJ to read whenever I have more time, but instead finding more things to read on Dreamwidth.

Anyway, the upshot of this is that I've been following lots of links and adding people and communities on Dreamwidth that sound vaguely interesting but I have no real pre-existing connection to. I plan to keep doing so whenever I've Bored On The Internet for at least the next week or two. If you're finding my journal as a result of that, this post is mostly my way of saying hi and letting you know that I'm adding people based on them saying something interesting somewhere and not based on, say, going to school with you in the 8th grade (although if any of you happened to go to my tiny hippy school in Portland that'd be a pretty awesome coincidence).

Also, between the possible new visitors and a curiosity about how many people are still reading actively in such a way that they might have questions, I'm throwing this post open to questions from the peanut gallery. I don't see any easy way to disable IP logging for just this entry so I'm keeping that on, and thus be aware that your anon comments may not be quite as anon as they could be. Aside from that, feel free to ask questions either anon or logged in (you can use OpenId to comment with your LJ account here if you prefer). I may or may not actually answer them, but I'll try. Some questions may be answered with "that's not something I discuss in unlocked posts" - I use a bunch of filters for different things rather than post vanilla locked posts so there's no clean way to do a locked question post without people getting a bunch of copies in a row.

This post originates at http://algeh.dreamwidth.org/289923.html, where it currently has comment count unavailable comments. Comments at LiveJournal are now disabled due to my dislike of their new comment format.

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