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Student loan hell

For whatever reason, one of my two student loans has changed servicers twice in the past few months (the other one changed last year, and it was a pretty terrible experience as well - I posted about it here but they've avoided doing anything obnoxious since, thankfully).

The previous time, in October, this involved them sending me an email 5 days before my bill was due informing me that they weren't actually going to get my bill printed in time due to the new processor but that I needed to send my payment in on time anyway, which was pretty obnoxious (particularly since the email didn't include how much the bill was for and I don't have online stuff set up with them, so I had to look at my checkbook to figure out how much the loan payment probably was). They then, of course, applied that payment late and sent me out the next month's bill noting that I now owed for two months (they were nice enough not to charge a late fee). After quite a bit of musical hold and automated phone menu hell I determined that they'd gotten my payment and I just owed the normal amount. Thankfully, the next month's bill also reflected this version of reality.

In December, I received a letter that they were changing payment processors again. Since the previous new processor hadn't exactly impressed me with their competence I hoped for the best from this. Unfortunately, I got the letter on the 23rd or so, and had already mailed my payment for the month to the old processor (my payments are due the 28th). The letter said that they'd forward the mail for 30 days, though, so it should work out fine.

Yesterday, I got a bill from the new processor, apparently run on the 29th, showing that they never got last month's payment. I was too damn cranky to call them today and ask if they've found my check yet, but tomorrow I guess I get another round of musical hold and automated menu adventures to see if they've gotten my check yet as I'm really not interested in making a double payment on my loans right now, nor am I interested in being reported late in payment to the credit bureau when I am, in fact, paying my loan on time.

I don't even have the words to be clever or snarky about all of this. I feel so trapped since it's a student loan and therefore not the kind of thing I can refi with a new company that hasn't pissed me off (I am a big fan of my local credit union in terms of financial institutions that have yet to piss me off). I can't afford to pay it off early, so I feel like I'm stuck dealing with this nonsense on an unpredictable basis until 2017.


I'm beginning to wish I'd never gone to grad school to become a math teacher in the first place. I can't find a damn job in this economy, these loans are almost as much as renting a room in someone's house each month, and I get undeserved accusations of not making payments regularly and a lot of stress sorting them out. I liked teaching when I could find work, but this is all pretty much ass.

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