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You know, I have a birthday coming up

I just heard about a small-press publisher who is having a hard time of it. Now, a lot of people are having a hard time right now and I am pretty broke, so I often don't even read these things anymore. I happened to read this one, and it turns out that this particular publisher has been re-printing some of my very favorite Tanith Lee books (which I noticed because I happened to see the title of one of them on a tiny image on their blog and was persistent enough to figure out that they'd hid them under an imprint of their own rather than the first several places I looked - I didn't find it particularly easy to browse their catalog for stuff by a particular author in general).

Anyway, there are maybe two or three of you who read this and also tend to buy me birthday presents. If you're one of those people, haven't already figured out what to get me this year, and can afford it, I'd like one of these, please. I'd particularly like the short story collection Sounds and Furies because I don't already have it in another edition and it contains one of my favorite short stories (Crying in the Rain) and otherwise seems to contain stories that I don't already have copies of. Death's Master was also one of my favorite novels as a teen and I read the crap out of it, so I really wouldn't mind a new edition of either it or Night's Master, but I do already have copies of both of those from the 70s DAW paperback run. I wouldn't mind a new copy of The Birthgrave either (which I also have a copy or two of from the DAW paperback run in the 70s), but that book didn't get read as much as the other ones when I was a teen.

If you're not someone who generally buys me birthday presents, don't buy me books as a result of this post! Do, however, consider buying yourself some of these books if they look like your kind of thing. I don't feel comfortable recommending them to everyone because they are pretty weird and dark books (I wouldn't loan one to my mother, for example, or keep any of the ones from this publisher in my classroom library), but I really enjoyed them when I read them. (Note: while I started reading them as a pre-teen, these are not YA books. I don't recommend buying them for children without reading them yourself first.)

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