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Status change

[personal profile] two_star and I broke up this weekend. We are still friends, and feel free to invite us both to events that you think we'd both like. Of course, feel free to invite only one of us to events that you think only one of us would like, and to invite neither of us to events that we'd both hate.

Also, my new goal is to make enough money to move someplace where I can get a dog. Dogs are fuzzy. I probably want a Black and Tan Coonhound, so I need to make enough money to live someplace appropriate for a big dog. Am tempted to move to a rural area in the south to accomplish this, except that I'd hate the weather there and also I doubt that my neighbors would be thrilled to see a queer pagan vegetarian move in next door no matter how many hound dogs I had. Perhaps I should look into fishing villages in Alaska again, although then I'd get a different kind of dog since that'd be a cruel place to ship a hound but a great place to have a local husky-type.

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