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I suppose I'm a real Linux user now...

...because I'm pretty sure the easiest way to solve my current problem is to learn Python.

Blargh. I was really looking for the "half an hour" level of solution rather than the "several weeks, but you'll feel really accomplished when you finally get it working" level of solution.

(I'm trying to design a custom day planner for myself. Since I tutor on evenings and weekends but am also trying to sub this year, I really need one that runs from about 7 am to 10 pm all seven days of the week. It appears that nobody makes a nice application for Linux where I can design the layout I want in a WYSIWYG fashion and then have it autofill the dates from now until sometime next summer using some kind of code fields. Real Linux Users™ probably write a script that outputs LaTeX and also can be auto-updated to include new appointments by sending a text message to certain email address that they have forwarded to be read by some script they're running on their home servers. I am a fake Linux user because I haven't done much serious programming since my first attempt at grad school, just sloppy code for one-off projects.)

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