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I'll po YOUR lite!

Moving hell: entropy and clutter elves

So, I threw another load of miscellaneous Things I Own into the van tonight. In the process, I found several things that I didn't realize I owned but are kind of useful, such as a leatherman tool. I also FINALLY managed to find the missing 2 DVD sleeve for one of my box sets and was able to pack it intact, increasing the odds of my being able to watch that season of 90210 straight through at some point in the future should I choose to do so.

However, in the battle against entropy and the clutter elves, there are always casualties. As I was unloading the van, I noticed two small cards on the floor, clearly from a memory game. This is slightly odd as I remember packing my memory game with the rest of my childhood games that are not actually fun to play as an adult back when I was packing things for the storage unit. (I plan to get them out again when I have children someday - most of what I have are Ravensburger games that still have all of their pieces and are in good condition. This is what happens when you are an only child and only get to play board games with adults.)

Upon closer inspection, here are the cards:

Gimli and Frodo memory cards

As a child, I did not own LOTR memory. I read the trilogy in 4th grade (tip for enjoying reading LOTR before age 10: read Little Women directly beforehand - if you can get through that, your attention span will be more than trained to find LOTR fast-paced and exciting), so I'm pretty sure I'd have remembered it if I'd had cards with the characters on them. I am pretty sure I did not buy it as an adult either.

I have no idea which box they came from.

I have no idea if there might be more related cards in that box.

I don't want to recycle these two cards if I do, in fact, have a complete LOTR memory game somewhere because that's the kind of thing that someone out there probably wants. I'm not convinced that I want to hang on to two random cards for all time, though.

I give up.

The clutter elves win again.

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