I'll po YOUR lite! (algeh) wrote,
I'll po YOUR lite!

Moving hell: almost finished!

I've been offline for a week or so in Moving Hell. I just got my computer set back up today.


  • Caught up on LJ friends page
  • Caught up on two other blogs
  • Caught up on webmaster, tutoring, and job-hunt email accounts
  • Caught up on Ubuntu updates (which is SO MUCH FASTER with broadband internet - it is a whole new kind of thing to be doing now)

Not Done:

  • Check personal email
  • Check DW friends page
  • Check DamnPortlanders
  • Change address with post office
  • Pay student loan
  • Make DW/LJ flocked posts updating address and phone numbers
  • Change address with dial-up ISP
  • Change address with college I do not have loans with
  • Change address with whatever other online places I've told where I live for some reason
  • Check other blogs I read
  • Get Flash working now that I have broadband
  • Find new time wasting things to do on the internet that involve images and/or videos
  • Play FreeCiv for weeks on end while forgetting to shower, let alone job hunt

Some of those things might not get done. We'll see which!

(Now I have to go throw more random possessions in the van and hope that the Carpet Vacuuming Elves will visit in the night.)

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