I'll po YOUR lite! (algeh) wrote,
I'll po YOUR lite!


So, I'm heading to Consonance down in the Bay Area this weekend. On the train, which means I will have lots of spare time to make poorly-drawn homemade postcards unless they yell at me for using Sharpies (in which case I guess they will become ballpoint-based and less colorful). I will also be in a different state when I get there, which means I can buy tourist-style postcards.

Anyway, who wants a postcard? Comment below with your name and mailing address, and any particular requests, such as homemade vs tourist-style or a suggested theme. Requests may not be honored, particularly if I am amused by something else or you request something at all difficult to draw. (Comments will be screened.)

I plan to print out this page Wednesday night, so I'd prefer you to comment here rather than link me to your various locked address posts.

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