I'll po YOUR lite! (algeh) wrote,
I'll po YOUR lite!

Bay area visit?

I just got back from Conflikt (up near Seattle) and I had a great time after a rocky start (allergic reaction to dinner + social anxiety worsened by squirming children sitting behind me and constantly moving in my peripheral vision = lousy Friday), so I'm considering going down to California for Consonance in early March. The con itself is in Newark, CA, which I understand to be in the Bay Area somewhere (I am a little fuzzy on Bay Area geography as I've only been there once and that was ten years ago and I pretty much stuck to Mountain View and Palo Alto while I was there). The con is March 5th - March 7th, and if it's anything like Conflikt I'd pretty much spend the whole weekend busy with con stuff.

However, I know I have several non-filker friends who live in California, and I think at least three of you live somewhere in the Bay Area. Would anyone be interested in hanging out on the Thursday before the con or the Monday after, with or without letting me crash on your floor for a night? This whole thing is still very much in the "maybe" stage (looks like I have to register by the 20th if I'm going, and I'm going to stall as long as possible in case I get a job and can't take that time off from work), but I'd like to go if I can find a way to make it work, and seeing other old friends would be the icing on the cake.

I wish drinking coffee didn't keep me up for so many hours after I drink it. It came in handy for the Saturday night filk circle that I was still awake at 5 because I'd had coffee with dinner about 12 hours earlier, but it's not very convenient today or generally. Perhaps I just need to find all-night filk circles every night. Perhaps I need to stop drinking coffee. It is hard to tell.

I recorded most of Conflikt with my new zoom H2. I'll try to transfer the files to my computer on Wednesday or Thursday and will possibly post recordings of two_star singing in open filk if they turned out well. (I already know my one short and painful attempt did not turn out well because I did the panic-thing and let my throat tighten up and then rushed the tempo, so no amount of recording quality will fix that up enough for the internet. Blargh.)

Also, thanks to greatblondelf for letting me crash at your place on Sunday. Being able to stay in Seattle rather than drive back to Portland on the last day of the con was nice. Hanging out with Sean is also nice. I observed to Ali at one point that if you'd told 2000-Nea that she was going to get to spend a weekend going to a filk con and also seeing Sean, she would have thought it was THE BEST POSSIBLE WEEKEND IN THE HISTORY OF WEEKENDS. It fell a little short of that standard (allergic reactions are not a part of the BEST POSSIBLE WEEKEND, for starters), but it was still the most fun I've had in a while. Apparently, this future thing is pretty nice. I just wish it had jobs.

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