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Well, done with finals now, anyway

I have to be out of the dorms by 17:00 tomorrow, which means I have to pack up my shit tonight. Grr. I also must write a paper. Yay me.

In other news, a group of my friends and I are thinking of going to Canada next week, which would be cool.

And I need to figure out where to have my Birthday party this year. I'm thinking maybe Enchanted Forest. That might kick ass. Or maybe rollerskating. Or bowling.

I don't seem to be terribly deep tonight. Yay me.

I want to go have adventures tonight, but then I wouldn't get packed up. I need to pack tonight so I can clean the carpet tomorrow before I check out.

I wore my prom dress to our Documentary Form final today. That was fun. I don't put much effort into my appearance most days, but it's fun to surprise people on special occasions.

Urg. I don't want to pack up this room. *sigh*.

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