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The past few days

I seem to be lousy about remembering to write in this lately. So...umm...my life. Here goes....

I had a weird dream vaguely about greatblondelf the night before last. I had signed up to go to some conference in Seattle, only everything organizational about it sucked. My group was booked in a hotel in the wrong part of the city because someone fucked up, and the shuttle I took got me to the right part of the city about 2 hours early, at about 6 am. Also, the schedule of events and stuff was printed in some Willamette Weekish format that made no sense even in the dream. I remember being frustrated and having no idea where anything was, and deciding that I should therefore wander around until 10ish and then call greaatblondelf since he'd be up by then (I think the first event-thing I was supposed to go was supposed to have been at 8ish but I decided that didn't matter). Then greatblondelf showed up so we decided that we should lay down in the middle of the street and talk, but it'd be ok because we were only taking up one lane of traffic (the only one lane part was important). So we lay down in the middle of the street and my stomach stopped hurting, which it had apparently been doing the whole dream although it hadn't been noticeable until then. That made me decide I should run like hell to the event I was 2 hours late for, and when I got there I told them some ridiculous story that I think involved my mother to explain why I was late. We did some icebreaker I hated. Then I appearantly when back to the laying-in-the-street-with-greatblondelf thing again with no clear transition to how I got there. Then I got yelled at by the conference people for flaking out on them. I'm sure I'm leaving stuff out, since this is almost a day later, but it was one of my weirder dreams of late, anyway. Especially the part about it being ok to lay down in traffic as long as you were only using one lane. So whee.

Yesterday I went over to clipdude's house. I talked to their dogs a lot. I want to get a dog. I miss Sidekick a lot, even though he died over a year ago. After talking with clipdude, though, I realized that I probably can't get a dog for at least another year, since I'll probably be moving with him when he goes off to grad school. >.< I want a dog....

Anyway, clipdude and I went to the drive-in for dinner, and then went to Clinton Street Theatre to see Escaflowne. That was fun. We got there a half hour before the movie opened, so we went to the pub next door and I got carded for the first time ever. (When we went drinking at Rock Creek Tavern on my birthday they didn't card us for some reason.) The pub was ok, and they had a dog, which I didn't think was allowed by heath code. It was a very cute dog, though. The movie itself was subtitled, which made me very happy. The movie itself focused a little too much on fighting and not enough on character development for me, but I guess that makes sense for something movie-length. I'm just happy I got to see it on a big screen ^_^. (I can never decide if smilies should go inside or outside punctuation marks. Since people who use smilies generally don't give a fat damn about fine points of grammar I doubt there is an official answer, other than not to use smilies. Bah. If I'm going to be the kind of geek who babbles about subtitled anime I might as well use smilies since I've probably already lost all credibility with the no smilies set anyway. I can't believe I'm devoting part of my entry to this.)

After the movie, clipdude and I went back to my dad's house and I surprised him with the episodes of Square One that I'd taped for him. That was fun. We both loved that show when we were kids.

Today, we watched the rest of the Square One tape (we started it pretty late last night and got sleepy before we got through all of the episodes), read the paper and then I made him breakfast. We were both feeling lazy, though, and dad never buys much in the way of food, so it wasn't that great of a breakfast. We had tater tots. I had applesauce as well and he had Rice Chex. Then we watched Enterprise episodes that I'd taped for him since he's too busy to watch it during the school year.

Dad took us out for dinner at Rock Creek Tavern, and I exhibited an incredible lack of coordination and managed to tip the ketchup bottle onto my purse. Poor purse. Poor ketchup. I proceeded to fail many more DX rolls through the evening (incidentally, I wasn't drinking, this is just pure klutziness on my part). Let's just say me getting ice cream in a cone was a mistake. Poor purse. Good thing it's black or it would never recover. I also broke a nail, although that was earlier in the day.

Amazingly, I drover clipdude home without incident and have now returned safely to dad's house, where I skimmed the past 80 or entries on my friends list. I added a girl from LC who I knew in choir. It's amazing how many people have journals at this site.

I hate how mood swingy and icky feeling I get this time of the month. It might be time to look into that whole birth control thing, although I've been muttering that for years and I haven't gotten around to it yet. I've been told it might help with the mood swings, throwing up and so on. Yay TMI.

Right. This is why I don't update. Raise your hand if you actually read this far.

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