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Where else is everyone?

So, there's another The LiveJournal Sky Is Falling thing going around. Rather than scrambling to back up my journal (which I did a comprehensive job of several years ago - I'm not too worried about my recent entries since they're just me whining about LiveJournal going downhill and I have comments emailed to me so I probably have them all saved about 5 times each anyway), what worries me is the loss of contact with those I read.

There are some people on here that LiveJournal going away wouldn't affect my ability to stay in touch with at all - I'm pretty sure I'll be able to stay in touch with greatblondelf unless he enters the witness protection program, or at the least gets a restraining order, moves, and convinces his mother and all of our mutual friends to stop telling me or anyone who knows me about his life. Many more are a step down from that but I bet we have enough mutual friends that if I broke down and got a facebook or twitter account I'd be back in touch with them almost immediately.

However, there are a fair number of you that I really only know through LiveJournal, including some people that I really enjoy reading and who seem to be only here. You may have at one point posted a link to someplace else you are but since I don't do any other social networking I haven't added you there. Now I'm kind of wishing I had, just in case. However, I don't have time to keep up with the entire internet, so I really can't join all of these things (I'm stealing the time to write this from my sleep time, which was supposed to start at 20:30 and didn't because I am on the damn internet).

Anyway, if LiveJournal goes away, I am also found at http://www.algeh.com . There is basically nothing there now, but there will be if I ever get around to it and it's my internet "home base". I plan to start a blog there as soon I have time to figure out how to do protected posts without it being a pain in the ass (or if I change careers again to something where public non-anonymous blogging is a little more tenable than it is when teaching). I'm also at http://www.aracnet.com/~linnea , although I have not updated it in about 5 years (the email that goes with that still works, though.) I should really take that old angsty crap down one of these years.

Anyway, please comment to this entry with the places you also are so I can keep in touch with you if LiveJournal goes away. (I have comments emailed to me, so that makes some kind of sense.) If you make a post like this, I'll comment to yours too so we can all have this information in one place each. I'll also post a locked post right after this one for those who don't want their other places public. This is for the other places you're ok with linking to your LiveJournal for the Whole World.

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