I'll po YOUR lite! (algeh) wrote,
I'll po YOUR lite!

In the NW and doing fine

So, um, I don't live in Vernonia anymore and thus am just fine. I mention this since Vernonia, where I taught last year, is having the kind of flooding problems that leads to some people being in Red Cross shelters and a second day of school closures. Last year it was multiple-day power outages after a storm right before winter break so I think that the Weather Gods just hate Vernonia (perhaps they are angered by its athlete drug testing policy or lack of gay bars).

Anyway, I'm in Portland and doing fine (although I think I'll drive to work today rather than take the bus because taking the bus sucks when there's big puddles by the side of the road and also I have to stay late today).

I need to find someplace to journal that I can stand so I can be online more again. The problem is that I resent corporate evil really easily and and that I also am too lazy thus far to set up anything on my own server.

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