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Well, I passed thesis (somehow)

Amazingly, I got a B on my thesis. Not bad for 19 pages, no bibliography (which I realized later, it was in a different file and I forgot to print it), a damn-near non-existent literature review (which probably partially salvages the previous omission) and no proofreading. Yay! Now I have to decide between taking the comm degree and running like the fucking wind or taking a make-up math class and going for the double with math/cs.

On one hand, I'm one class away, and on the other, it's a math class and I can't think of a subject I have a worse track record with than math. I'm really stunningly bad at it. I'm not quite sure why. Well, my learning disability does come into play, I suppose. The think is, I find math interesting, and I like logic and problem solving on my own time. I just do horridly in math classes, and always have. I've consistently tested into advanced math and been miserable. If given a placement test, I will almost always place into a class that I haven't taken the prerequisite for.

The LC placement test was the worst. I placed into Elementary Functions (and was only 1 or 2 questions shy of calculus) and the most recent in-progression math I'd taken was part of Algebra 2, which I quit halfway through the second semester because I hated it. (I hung out in the foreign language room and played brickles on the computer while the 6th graders took French instead.) I then took an independent study with a book covering introductory combinatorics, probability and set theory instead, and enjoyed it a lot, although it certainly wasn't in the normal progression of math classes for a frustrated algebra student.

So bleh. Need to figure out life. Need to decide if I can stomach another math class, or whether a comm major is good enough. If I could get a job doing some kind of video stuff that'd be cool, but I bet there are more qualified people out there since I only got to take two hands-on classes in it (and my portfolio sucks since I forgot to transfer my comm 200 stuff to my own tape, leaving me with only 2 finished short documentaries and one unfinished one, none of which I'm that happy with).

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