I'll po YOUR lite! (algeh) wrote,
I'll po YOUR lite!


So, I survived the school year. I am looking for work for next year and am in the slightly awkward situation of being able to find lots of jobs in locations I don't want but not very many in locations I do. There is a certain amount of deciding how picky I can be that is happening as a result (I have people from rural districts cold-calling and emailing me based on my profile on the main Oregon teaching jobs site, yet have yet to land an interview in Portland). I guess I will try another year of teaching before giving up on it, though, since it seems likely I will be able to get another job doing it and I am hopeful it will suck less in a better situation.

In more exciting news, I currently have nothing planned for July. At all. I have a few things that do not yet have dates attached to them (for example, two_star's birthday is in July) but I seem to have a large chunk of free time ahead of me. Given that I don't have large buckets of money I'm not planning on flying anywhere, but other than that an adventure sounds fun. Anything I should see in Oregon/Washington/Idaho/British Columbia? AnyONE I should see in Oregon/Washington/Idaho/British Columbia? Any absurdly cheap airfares you've heard about to elsewhere?

Also, I am going to the Gig Harbor ren faire the weekend of August 18th. If you are also going and have not picked a weekend, I recommend that one. I am also going to a Gordon Lightfoot concert the weekend after that, but I doubt any of you are planning on attending that.

At some point I will also move. I have no idea when yet. It has a lot to do with the whole job thing.
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