I'll po YOUR lite! (algeh) wrote,
I'll po YOUR lite!

Just for clairity

I realize that I haven't been posting much recently. This is due to a combination of things, but I think it's mostly how much the direction LiveJournal's been going annoys me. They're a private company so it's not like the owe me anything, but their choices do affect my interest in using their service and lately that interest has been going way down. Also, I've been real-life happy lately and being happy tends to make me less introspective and/or whiny, which are pretty much the things that cause me to post.

Anyway, I realized that I forgot to tell the internets at large that two_star and I are dating now (not exclusively - he's still seeing thegrungediva as well and I reserve the right to have all kinds of fun makeouts with others should good opportunities present themselves). Internets, consider yourself informed. So far, this wins the prize for Least Drama And Angst Ever In A Relationship, but in fairness I should hold off on awarding that prize in any meaningful sense until around the 6 month or 1 year mark.

I had 3 Christmas Things today, and have two more tomorrow on actual Christmas. I should totally be asleep right now, but I seem to not be doing that. I am waiting for Santa!

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