I'll po YOUR lite! (algeh) wrote,
I'll po YOUR lite!

Email fixed (I hope)

So, my email's been bouncing a lot lately due to the CRAZY PILES OF SPAM that have been clogging my mailbox lately. I finally set up a computer at home and will thus be checking it more often than once a week, which will hopefully keep things under control.

On a related note, the internet kept me up stupid late tonight and I have to teach tomorrow. This is why I've resisted getting my computer set up for months. Monkeyfuck.

Only two more weeks until winter break. Anyone want stupid? I am starting to make plan-like motions. If people would come, I have furniture now and can thus throw better parties (the house can non-floor sleep up to 4 people who don't want to make out with each other now, 5 if two of them are willing to share foot-space on a sectional sofa). Alternately, if people want to invite me to places out of my tiny town, I might well show up if those places are within a few hours drive.

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