I'll po YOUR lite! (algeh) wrote,
I'll po YOUR lite!


I think I like SF cons a lot more than anime cons. There didn't seem to be any pointlessly shrieking girls or long lines, and there were actually panels on topics that interested me enough for me to listen during them. I never had an hour that I'd rather sit in the hallway than go to any of the choices, although I did have hours in which the obvious choice was to bail and go get food.

This is a good sign, because it gives me something to go do that involves meeting new people and I don't think I have enough of those things. I'll probably start dragging myself to Washington cons as time and money allow, and maybe even range up to BC if I ever get off my ass and get my passport. I kind of assume that there aren't any other SF cons in Oregon or there would have been posters up about them. (Lately I am feeling the need to Have Adventures on weekends so I may weekend-travel fairly often after the holidays.)

Also, I finally got to go to a filksing, which I've been meaning to do since around '98. Yay. I may now have to start playing guitar again, last done (coincidentally) in '98. Mom and I need to negotiate the division of our instrument collection so I can take whichever guitar(s) are really mine home with me now that I have a place big enough to keep instruments in.

Cons are also much better when you have someone with you. Thanks, two_star.

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