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General life update

Still sick. My ears have been plugged up for a little over a week and I've been having trouble hearing. Am now on my second round of antibiotics, as this started while I was on the first round so I initially assumed that it could not be an ear infection (I was wrong). Other than the ears and the end of a cough, I'm actually feeling a lot better. It's just really hard to interact with people when you miss about half of what they say, and as a teacher, I spend a lot of my day interacting with people.

Teaching eats time. I'll be more available after the 30th, as that's our last day of meaningful content for the 8th graders (then we show a movie, they go on a field trip (to Portland, with me chaperoning), and then they "graduate"). I'll be even more available after June 15th or so, as that's when a big pile of random papers having to do with my student teaching is due at the university.

I will have summer classes, but I really haven't given them much thought yet. I get two electives, and I'm torn between doing something personally enriching, like studying more math, or doing something dead easy, like taking the quantitative methods course for education students (I'm assuming this will be much like the one I took as a comm major, in that I have a major advantage as someone who is not fundamentally disturbed by formulas involving square roots). My GPA is something crazy like a 4.06 right now, so I could take something hard, screw it up fairly badly, and still get my master's (I need a 3.0 for that), but I could otherwise graduate with straight A's and not spend my summer thinking that hard. I "should" take Math 315 + an independent study to bring it up to "grad level" (our electives have to be 500 level and nothing in the math department is offered at that level over the summer, but this lower-level class + extra work option was mentioned to us by the ed people so it sounds like something that could work out) so I can learn me some analysis since I've skipped that so far, but that sounds like an awful lot more thinking and work than anything the ed department could throw at me. I think I have enough "graded credits" already - maybe I should see if I could finagle something ungraded (P/NP) and mathy.

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