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Eugene get-together tomorrow!

Just a reminder that my birthday is tomorrow, and I'd kind of like to do something with some of the Eugene people if anyone is free. Since I didn't exactly plan things and invite people I won't be upset if people don't have time, but it would be neat to hang out. I'll spring for cake and maybe a cheap dinner at my place like take-and-bake pizza or spaghetti or tacos or something if people'd like. Maybe starting around 1900. Anyone interested? I don't want to eat birthday cake all by myself! (I also have lots of ice cream.)

Also, I am tired like crazy from my Portland weekend. It was fun, though. This was at least my second birthday party at which there were no girls but me (I know there weren't any girls at my 21st). This number may be much higher, but I'm having trouble remembering right now. I remember my 17th birthday post-prom sleepover narrowly escaped being one since Becky came (even if she did fall asleep upstairs fairly early on).

It is time for sleep as tomorrow is school again. I am really looking forward to getting a 3-day weekend for Memorial Day in a few weeks.

Oh, and I'll be in Portland again next weekend for my cousin's graduation (giapet, this means that I'll technically be coming to your graduation as well, because I am secretly stalking you and retroactively created a cousin and made her go to your school JUST SO I COULD WATCH YOU GRADUATE). I don't know how much time I'll have free, but I may be able to free up some time for Stupid if a Stupid is happening. Otherwise, I'll use the Portland-time to catch up on laundry, which is becoming more important with time (and also LiveJournal, which I am about a week and a half behind on at the moment).

Sleep, dammit! Sleep! (Caffeine is not my friend.)

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