I'll po YOUR lite! (algeh) wrote,
I'll po YOUR lite!

Party conclusion: THE FUTURE!!!!!

I have come to a very important conclusion: I am too fucking tired and broke to deal with the logistics involved in a party that goes somewhere that I don't own.

Barbecue! At Dad's house! Woo!

Details: It has a theme. The theme is THE FUTURE!!!!! Everyone should come dressed as someone from THE FUTURE!!!!! This can be the 50s-but-with-flying-cars future of The Jetsons, the human-wide harmony and pocketless clothing future of Star Trek, the gritty post-apocalyptic future of too damn many movies to count, or any other future that tickles your fancy, originating from an idea inside or outside of your head. There will be a prize for best costume, and possibly also a prize for best story justifying a costume. The awesomeness of the prize may depend on the awesomeness of the costume. Those not wearing costumes may have costumes thrust upon them when they enter, depending on how drunk everybody is.

THE FUTURE!!!!! will also, apparently, have a barbecue. If you want to eat food that has been set on fire, bring some! I'll probably have some stuff on hand, but I'm not going to try to guess who will eat what, so if you have specific likes or dislikes you should probably bring your own edibles.

BELL PEPPERS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN MY HOUSE. My allergies have gotten so bad this year that being in the same room with them can make my eyes hurt, so I'm banning them. I apologize to everyone but two_star for the inconvenience.

THE FUTURE!!!!! will start at 1900 (THE FUTURE!!!!! is on 24 hour time) on Saturday, May 13th, at my dad's place in Aloha. Let me know if you need directions. I'd like everyone out of there by around 0000 to 0200 at the latest unless you've cleared crashing at my place in advance, because it will be Mother's Day in the morning and I have plans (with my mother, oddly enough).

THE FUTURE!!!!! will have DDR, and probably other videogames too. If people are interested, I can scare up 2 ps2s really easily (since dad has one and I have one), so we could have 3-4 people playing DDR at once between the two ground-floor tvs (I only have 3 pads but I wouldn't mind picking up a 4th, and I have at least 4 different DDR discs). We could also do the Grand Theft Auto with a timer thing again, or something.

Sadly, THE FUTURE!!!!! will not have decent mass transit. There is a MAX station about a mile from Dad's house, but nothing closer. I plan to be too drunk to run shuttles by no later than 1915. Those of you with cars (who are, presumably, staying sober enough to drive them home), I would much appreciate it if you would volunteer to run people to and from the MAX station.

Finally, THE FUTURE!!!!! will have booze. As a result, I'd like to keep THE FUTURE!!!!! to those over the age of 21 only. If anyone feels left out by this, let me know and I'll try to meet you for lunch instead or something.

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