I'll po YOUR lite! (algeh) wrote,
I'll po YOUR lite!

Eugene party announcement

I mentioned this in the bottom of one of the other posts, but I realize that it may have gotten lost in the shuffle.

I am splitting the party! [sound of both halves of the party being eaten by giant rats as soon as they separate]

I am definitely doing something in Eugene on May 15th in the evening (this is a Monday, and I have to teach school that day). I am thinking dinner and maybe playing pool somewhere (the Wetlands?), then back to my place for cake and ice cream (those with differing tastes in dinner from whatever restaurant I decide on will still be welcome for cake and ice cream). Those of you living in Eugene (or elsewhere, for that matter) should not feel obligated to come to both parties if you aren't planning to be in those cities at those times anyway. You're welcome to come to both, but my assumption was that Eugene-people would probably rather come to the Eugene-party. (This party is on my actual birthday. I want to have cake and hang out with people on my actual birthday even though it is a Monday, and I just can't swing driving up to Portland on a Monday, hence the two parties.)

I don't really need too much advance notice from people for this one, since I'm pretty much just going to declare a time and place (which I will do soon - I need to think a little bit about where I'd like to eat dinner and when I'm likely to get home from school) and hope people show up - even if pretty much everyone I know in Eugene comes, it's a small enough group that we won't need reservations on a slow night like a Monday, and I plan on overbuying cake and ice cream on the theory that I like cake and ice cream.

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