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Fucking body

I went out to eat with clipdude last night. I ordered a calzone with italian sausage and pineapple, and got one with italian sausage and pepperoni. As this is one of the few other toppings they could have randomly replaced pineapple with that I would still eat, I ate it anyway, but I also mentioned it to the server. He had them make me a new calzone with italian sausage and pineapple and put it in a to-go box, since I was pretty willing to eat the mistaken one for dinner rather than wait around for a new one.

I tried to eat my bonus calzone for lunch today.

There was a piece of green pepper in it.

That piece of pepper and the parts of the calzone which probably touched it are now in a sealed bag in my trash.

I was stupid enough to eat the rest anyway (I didn't find it until I was part of the way through, so I figured eating the rest of the remote parts wouldn't make it any worse).

It's now over an hour later, and I still feel sick. My eyes hurt, my tongue burns, and my stomach isn't worth discussing. Fucking body.

I guess I'm not allowed to go out to eat anymore.

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