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School blehness

I've dropped geometry and education. Geometry because I couldn't get a decent grade anymore because the prof won't accept back homework, and ed because I was just taking it for fun and didn't want to spend the time writing papers for it when I have my thesis to deal with.

So now I have to figure out whether I want to graduate on time with my comm major or spend the extra time taking another math course somewhere over the some to finish up math/cs. I'm tempted to say fuck it and go for just comm, because I want to be done with school, and because I don't think I really learned much in my cs courses anyway. I've already forgotten so fucking much of the math. >.< In cs I learned a lot of theory, but I realize that I still can't code my way out of a wet paper bag. I can write crap for linux that runs from the command line, and that's it. Almost all of my classes have been in pseudo code. The closest thing to a useful language I know is C, I poked at Java for a week in CS 1 and not since, and I never took a coding-based class that dealt with databases, since we don't have one. I'm tempted to go get a second bachelors in cs at a school with a real program, but I don't know where I'd find the money.

Bleh. 2 math finals in classes I didn't drop. Differential equations is not my new best friend. As a matter of fact, as soon as the test is over, I think I'll stop speaking to it.

Oh yeah, and I have that wacky little thing called a thesis to write. I should work on that.

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