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Wavering on PaganFaire

I'm seriously considering not going to Pagan Faire this year. It's a weekend earlier than usual, so it'd mean driving up to Portland this weekend as well as next weekend (when I already have Friday night plans). Also, Heather Alexander doesn't seem to be performing this year. Honestly, the main reasons I want to go are (a) I always go and (b) they have Morris dancers.

Also, this year they seem to be having a pirate theme. I seriously cannot tell if this is a plus or a minus. On one hand, whee! Pirates! On the other, it makes it even harder for me to treat this as a religious gathering when they choose themes this disconnected from anything I associate with the religion. I suppose it's no dumber than the jungle-themed church day camp Grammy volunteered at when I was a kid, though. I always have trouble taking this particular group of pagans seriously for a variety of reasons that include their tendency to select cheesy themes and the fact that one of them seems to be named Frodo. On the other hand, I've never actually stayed for the ritual, so I don't know how seriously they take it, either. I really don't know them well enough to judge them, but they never struck me as quite my type. Usually I come for the music, and there just doesn't look to be as much of it this year.


I have a lot of work I should probably do this weekend anyway.

Thus, I leave it to you, the random people on the internet, to try to convince me one way or the other.

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