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Well, they do call them "reading days"

Books read so far this week: 2

Percentage of those books that had anything to do with something for school: 0.00%

Oh well, I had fun.

Tonight, clipdude and I went for a drive. We ended up going on a really twisty road, which really isn't much fun in the van (which, as per a suggestion from clipdude, I'm thinking of nicknaming "The Shuttlecraft", much as my Camry is nicknamed the "Grunge Buggy". One of these days I'll name a car after something other than a transportation device in a TV show from the 80s.). We also ended up stopping to use the restroom at a place which seemed to have country dancing and was targeted at truckers. We blended well. Sure we did.

I should sleep. I should also study at some point, especially for Differential Equations, which has been the devil class all term. Bah. I wanna go to the beach, or possibly Seattle, or just generally Not Here, and goof off for a good long while. Maybe after finals.

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