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Thoughts on bicycle riding

I finally rode my bicycle today. Judging for how far I was able to get, I never use most of those muscles the rest of the time. If I keep this up, I'm going to have a totally new relationship with my thighs (this is fine, because the current state of that relationship sucks).

Also, while they say that you never forget how to ride a bicycle, they never mention whether or not you forget how to get on and off of one (for good reason). Someone reminded me a few weeks back that you swing your leg over the back to get on, but I had a moment of panic in which I was not sure I could undo this without looking to get back off again, since it's pretty time-sensitive. I rode off into the grass just in case, but I got it all sorted out.

I need some way to indicate to others that I am a total bicycle idiot and they should stay out of my way, because I may not be able to stay out of theirs as well as I should (which I will work on).

I should get a map of the Eugene-area bike paths and routes. I rode on the one by my apartment today, probably toward the university.

I hope to be in good enough shape to bicycle to school in a few weeks. This should lower my stress level considerably, because I really hate trying to find a parking place near campus. With luck, it will also save me some money and justify some of my existing eating habits.

However, I now have an absurdly sore ass. This better get better with time, or I'm switching to one of those little scooters.

(I should be writing a lesson plan right now, but I really don't want to. I hate the format they need to be in on observation days, because it includes all kinds of cruft I don't actually want to look at while teaching the lesson, so I have to write one for my supervisor and another to actually teach the lesson from.)

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