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Long day

Today, my mother and grandmother came down to attend a funeral. Also, we had a sub in geometry because my cooperating teacher had a meeting, and I was completely tired from helping students all period. My analogies for explaining that we needed to get "x" all by itself to solve for it got sillier and sillier: "'x' is grounded! all of it's little friends, like this '2', need to leave!" Then my mom and grammy show up 15 minutes earlier than they said they would, leaving me 15 minutes to get ready for them rather than 30. That's a big difference.

Lunch took forever, and then mom wanted to kill time at Borders, which is my least favorite book store in the universe because it's big-corporate and has a club card (also, I hate the parking lot for this particular Borders, but I'd work around that if not for the other 2), so I was completely fed up by the time we got to the church.

Fortunately, my cousin Kirsten was also there, so I had a larger group to be with, and things really weren't that bad. I love my grandmother, but she can be exhausting to do anything with, because she is very slow-moving and won't complain if she is in pain (which she often is), so you have to guess what you can do to make her more comfortable or to help her. Also, she constantly offers to pay for things that I really don't need or want her to pay for, so I feel like I can't ever express that I like something in front of her. My aunt took over grammy-sitting once we met up with her, and that made my day much less aggravating.

The funeral itself was kind of long and full of Jesus by my standards, but it was nice overall. I really didn't know this relative that well (she was my grandfather's sister). Then came a series of reception-y events that lasted until around 8 (the last one was for family only and had dinner-type food). These featured a lot of family that I didn't particularly know I had, some of which is local and I may be seeing again fairly soon. This is good, but Real Adults are kind of scary, because they may want to see my apartment and it really isn't nice enough to have Real Adults over to, being tiny and furnished with assorted hand-me-downs (these are the kind of Real Adults that split their time between here and the Catalina islands).

Then I drove my mom and grammy back to my apartment, stopping to buy ice cream on the way. They are now sleeping on my bed and my futon, so I am going to be sleeping on my camping mattress in my office. This is exciting because I'm not entirely sure I have enough floor space for the width of my (single person sized) camping mattress on the floor in here between the table and the bookshelves, or really enough space head-to-feet due to having put all kinds of crap in here to get it out of the rooms that my family would see.


I am so tired.

I hope they still want to go out for breakfast tomorrow, because I think all I could feed them here is oatmeal or hippie oatbran flakes. I haven't had time to buy proper groceries, and all I grabbed at Trader Joe's while buying the ice cream was frozen salmon, which probably isn't breakfast (although I suppose it could be). I have bacon in the freezer, but I lack eggs with which to make such things as pancakes. I guess bacon and biscuits is almost a reasonable breakfast, and I probably have the stuff for that. I could even cook them on the stove like pancakes - I'm pretty sure Joy of Cooking has a recipe for that. I really hope we go out, though.

Time to make comedic attempts at sleep.

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