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finals week is not my new best friend

Urk. I have a final this afternoon that I am very not looking forward to. The learning disability people sent her an email explaining that I'd be taking the final in their office so that I could have my extra time accommodation that I'd be dictating my answers so my hand wouldn't get tired. (I have trouble writing legibly after about a half hour and my hand starts hurting a lot. I lost points on another test this year because of illegible handwriting.) She never got back to them. They sent her another email yesterday, and she hasn't responded tot hat one either. So I'm worried she'll give me a bunch of shit about it. I really don't need that. I'm all nervous about it. Grr. As soon as the professors turn in their semester grades, I'm going to write a long letter about her to the dean.

After that final, I just have to write a 4 page paper on my documentary and then sit through 3 hours of watching everyone else's. Then I have to move all of my crap home. I have no idea how I'm going to get it all packed up. I seem to have lived a stuff-intensive life this year. Videos are slowly taking over my room, both ones I've made ones I've bought. I'd estimate that I probably have over 20 of each variety floating around in here, mostly because
a) Hollywood Video had a good sale back in January
b) I never record over my raw footage tapes, so they tend to multiply.
I also tend to do my shopping at Costco, so I have half-empty cases of stuff to consolidate and move. Of course, there is also the usual big pile of books, few of which are at all school related.

I think I'm worse because I had a single this year. If I have a roommate, I usually at least make a token effort to keep the mess manageable out of courtesy. On the other hand, in terms of both my and my theoretical roommate's mental health, it's a good thing that I have my own room. Especially since this is the year I started listening to anime music. I got enough complaints about the filk last year and Gordon Lightfoot the year before.

Speaking of music, my car tape player broke. Now I'm down to just an AM radio, the FM portion having broken a few years back. I'm torn between buying a new stereo and deciding that I like either classical music or 50's music, since those are the only two non-religious music stations I've been able to find. Well, technically, a lot of classical is religious, but that doesn't bug me the same way that modern "Christian Music" does. I miss my tapes, though. Nothing quite says "this is my car" like old filk tapes. Bah. Maybe I should take the tape deck apart and poke at it suspiciously.

I wish Jeff weren't going to Texas this summer. Most of the rest of my group will be around, but I'll miss Jeff.

I keep thinking I'll write these meaningful entries, but I never do.

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