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Dream: Almost a Shakespearean comedy!

On a completely unrelated note, I had a really weird dream last night. Details are now foggy, but I remember that two people were going to get married at this complicated religious park, so we all went there. Then, we realized as we tripped over the very low gates (kind of like turnstiles, but very low to the ground - we expected them to swing open as we pressed against them and they didn't) and stumbled our way in that it was probably closed, since the gates were locked and it was Sunday and it was a religious park and all. Well, crap. All but one of us left, and we decided to go swimming in the water right outside the park instead (why not!). Also, everyone but me and the person I was with ended up proposing to each other, and one couple explained that this was because they'd been drinking heavily and held up margaritas in 44-oz Slurpee containers that they'd somehow had under the water as proof. Also one person ended up proposing to the random homeless guy we'd picked up on the way, which seemed pretty brave of them. This is the part that was pretty much like the end of a Shakespearean comedy.

The dream then cut to the one guy who hadn't noticed we weren't following him anymore, as he wound his way deeper into the park. He fell into a canal and was swept away to a vat filled with intestines and other internal organs, where some sort of headless creature held him under and presumably killed him. (This part was not like a Shakespearean comedy.) Then the dream zoomed out to me realizing that this was a short story in Dragon, and on the next page was a description of this internal-organ vat, which had a CR of 72,000. I remember being really annoyed because that was no kind of resolution to the story, and also because that is a ridiculous CR.

Anyway, then I woke up, decided that this was a stupid dream to wake up for, and went back to bed until I had a better one. None of the other dreams were particularly memorable, but at least they didn't annoy me as badly.

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