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My life in bullet points

  • Last Friday, I made an ass of myself at a party. Sorry, Qous. Also, sorry everyone else. As I only had two of those wimpy flavored-kind-of-beerish-things and a few small swigs from the bottle of irish creme (and as I was crying earlier in the day before I'd had anything to drink at all), I think this time it had a lot more to due with tiredness and hormones than with drinking. (I'm sure the drinking didn't help, though.) I hadn't slept well that week, and it was almost Arts and Crafts Week at Panty Camp so I was feeling so sick that I almost threw up, so I was kind of setting myself up for failure even leaving the house. Also, I really, truly, intensely hate games that require social maneuvering, lying, and backstabbing. I find it stressful to not be able to trust people and work collaboratively.

  • This week has gone much better. The semester changed, and now I get to show up at school by 10:30 rather than by 7:45, and this has done fantastic things to my ability to get enough sleep at night. Also, I've met my geometry class and can now stop stressing out about meeting them (they seem nice).

  • My grandfather's sister has died. She lived in Eugene, and the funeral is down here on Friday. My mother and grandmother (the grandfather who had this sister died several years ago) will be staying with me on Friday night as a result. My apartment is nowhere near clean enough for this to happen. It's clean enough for friends, but since these are Older Family Members and there are two of them, grammy will be getting the guest futon in the living room (able to be clean enough for guests on about an hour's notice at the worst of times) and mother will be getting my bed (which mean my entire room needs to be cleaned and mother-proofed, which is a project since I don't generally entertain guests in my bedroom, and requires clean bedding beyond my usual once-a-week sheet-changing), and thus I will be sleeping on the floor in the spare room/office/library, which also means I need to clear suitable floor space for sleeping on in there. Also, you know, another of my relatives has died, which is always upsetting. I wonder if Kirsten will make it down for the funeral, and if she and/or her family need crash space. I suppose I could clear enough room for two floor-sleeping-type people to sleep back here if one of them slept under the table, but I don't know where I'd put two more Real Adults like my aunt and uncle (in the van?). Hopefully, they will not expect this of me.

  • The dentist said I was grinding my teeth and that's why they hurt. I've noticed that they're much better now that I'm not doing this as much.

  • I have finally found hippie deodorant that does not cause a burning sensation. I am less smelly as a result.

  • I finally collected and deposited my financial aid check for this term today. Tomorrow: groceries! (and rent!)

  • This is public for no good reason except that I can't decide which filter it should go under. Hi, any students of mine that may have found this journal! You were probably happier before you read the bit about the deodorant, but that's really not my problem. It's your fault for hoping my life was interesting.

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