I'll po YOUR lite! (algeh) wrote,
I'll po YOUR lite!


This past weekend qousqous went over my bicycle, changed the tires, and made a bunch of various adjustments so it would be rideable again. I had to drop about $40 on various parts, and feed him dinner two days in a row, but I now have a mostly-functioning bicycle. (I still have no idea where my headlight or bike tools are, but I suspect that they are buried in mom's basement and I should just buy new ones. I didn't need these things the last time I took up bike riding since I rode during the day near my dad's house.)

So, tonight, I go to pack my helmet. It's not where I used to store it when I rode regularly. It's not hanging from or near any of the bicycles. It's not with my hat collection. It's not with our pile of sporting equipment in the storage room. It's not in my closet. It's not in any open or easily accessible box in either my room or the storage room. It's not in the pantry with the water bottles (ok, so I was reaching).

Eventually, it dawns on me that I can't find dad's helmet either, so he clearly has some special helmet-storing location and that's probably where both of them are (rather than my having put my helmet someplace clever). Neither are in any visible location in the garage. The cabinet near the bike rack seems to contain foul-smelling gardening supplies. The hall closet does not contain bike-related items. The golf organizer seems to have only golf-related things. The workbench is inaccessible without moving a car and about 6 months worth of beer bottles, so I want to exhaust all other possible locations first. Then, I notice another cabinet behind the pressure-washer. A pressure-washer is moderately easier to move than a minivan, so that becomes my next goal. Hooray! Helmet! In an unmarked cabinet. Behind something heavy. Nowhere near the bicycles. You'd think he would have mentioned this to me before he went off to bowling tonight, as he knew I was taking my bike to Eugene and leaving before he got back, and he didn't used to store my helmet here when I lived here full-time.

Now my room is a mess and I'm leaving for Eugene.


I wonder if he'll call and complain about that.

P.S. I'll be in Portland again next weekend. I have a few things on the social calendar already, but may have room for more.

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