I'll po YOUR lite! (algeh) wrote,
I'll po YOUR lite!

There's a reason I've put off this "buying stuff over the internet" for so long

So, as I may have mentioned, I've become a stupid ordering-shiny-things-over-the-internet munky lately. I'm currently waiting for volume 3 of the Babylon 5 script books (as well as a hat and some magnets with B5 quotes) to be sent to me. Babylon 5 script books look to be a year-long drain on my budget, since there are 14 of them (but then you get the 15th free). I'm finding them really interesting to read, though. I've always liked reading about television shows, which is odd because I don't watch much television.

I was doing a little poking around on some of my LiveJournal interests and what do I discover but that Peter S. Beagle is both having money issues and (on a highly related note) is putting out a sequel to The Last Unicorn which comes free when you buy the unabridged audiobook. Well, shit. I have to buy that. At one point, it was my stated ambition to word-for-word memorize that book. I'd recite aloud and have my grandmother check me to see how I was doing. I think I used to be able to get through about the first five pages without making an error. I still have most of the songs memorized (which are, incidentally, different from the songs in the movie, which I at one point had memorized to the point that I could recite the dialog with the movie on mute, and make a credible stab at it without the movie running). He also has written a book about writing a ST:TNG episode, which I of course also had to get since it's a book about writing television shows and has the bonuses of being by an author I like and about a show I've actually seen.

Curse you internet, for being full of things that appeal to my particular sort of fixation. I think this should be more or less the end of it, because there just aren't that many things left that I have this much of an historical attachment to that convinces me that I'll be upset later if I don't cough up the money now.

I keep meaning to make an actual about-my-life post that covers the end of winter break when I went to Canada all by myself, saw two of my friends get married (to each other), and went to a New Years party in Seattle where I did *not* make a big drunken ass out of myself, but this gets less and less likely as time goes on. However, since my cousin has not called me back, she probably isn't visiting me this weekend like she said she would, so I might have time before I completely forget everything. Unless something I've ordered arrives by then, of course, but that's pretty unlikely since I chose the cheapest shipping and it's been less than a week. Next week, of course, my evening classes start (this week I just have my practicum, which could also stand to have a post or two made about it) and I'll disappear from the face of the earth again for a while (except for making really whiny posts when I'm supposed to be writing papers).

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