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In which I ruin Sean's mother's opinion of me


Today, I got to see Sean, which was cool. I also went over to his parents' house to pick him up, where I haven't been in years. Got lost on the way but finally remembered what the street I needed to turn on looked like, said hi to the dogs, talked to his mom and little sister for the first time in years. I've always more-or-less gotten along with his family, so this wasn't a problem. Then, he and his mother were discussing his little sister's choice in clothes, and how she really wasn't wearing much for December (she'd been sent back to her room to change). Sean mentions that he seems to generate more body heat than most people, and thus tends to wear fewer clothes. My mouth then goes into SUPER-GENIUS-FREE-ASSOCIATION-ADD-TO-THE-CONVERSATION-HYPER-MODE and, without a thought in the world that this is not an everyone-knows-this-about-everyone-else thing, I add "Not as much Ian. He's like a furnace." Then, a full two minutes or so after this comes out of my mouth, I realize that I have, at best, strongly implied to my ex's mother than not only have I slept with her son, but also with one of his friends, because how the hell else would I know how much body heat each of them generates?. I win so much. I think she used to kind of like me, too. If she's really offended, of course, I'll hear about it from MY mother in about a month, as they share a common gossip network. EARLY MERRY CHRISTMAS! I'm not sure whether or not I should go back with homemade cookies in a day or two. ^_^;

Other than that, I had a great time. We went out for Chinese food, which I hadn't done in a while, and to Wunderland. We were actually better than the cluster of young teens at DDR, which is a first for me. Usually I'm outdanced by a cluster of middle or early high school students, but today the only ones there were clearly beginners so we got to look like experts (which I certainly am not). We also got a pile of tickets from skee-ball, and I ended up with another keychain out of it. (Pretty much everything you can get with the tickets is a big pile of crap, but keychains are at least useful because if you have a big purse like I do, the bigger your pile of keys the more likely you are to find it quickly, so I tend to have multiple keychains involved just to make it easier to find.)

We then spent over an hour trying to get to the airport to pick up Siobhan, and another half hour or so circling the arrivals area in my car looking for her. She was, of course, not aware that I'd be along for this (traffic in Beaverton was so bad that we scrapped the original plan of taking Sean back to his parents' place to get his car, which is rather distinctive looking) and thus not looking for my car, so the onus was very much on us to find her. We finally went in and parked, and she called us from about 20 feet away from where we were standing, and it all worked out in the end.

I still can't believe I said that in front of his mother.

It was still nice to see Sean and have time when we could just talk without it being at a party or something (plenty of time for this when we were in traffic for over an hour). I like parties, but I also like just talking to people, so that was kind of a nice bonus (this is the only time you'll see me equate "stuck in traffic for an hour trying to get to the airport" with "nice bonus").

I suppose I should go bake cookies now. I ran out of powdered sugar, so I'm a little behind on my holiday baking this year. I'm done buying gifts now finally (I hope).
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