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In which I snap and spend money

Those of you who have known me for a while may have noticed that I tend to go through phases where I buy very little in the way of junk and try to be very sensible with my money, and then I have day/weeks/months when I just say "fuck it" and end up with a giant pile of something, generally on a certain theme.

I just spent about $150 here, for I am a sad, crazy-for-B5 munky. With clever use of multiple orders and coupons, I saved $19 off their already-really-high prices. I've been planning to get the script books ever since I first heard that they came put, but I'm pretty sure the rest of my expenditures can be more-or-less traced to this being a Spend Money day (which isn't to say I won't enjoy having them, just that they're not things I think I'll be really upset if I miss my chance to have, which is my usual criteria for tv-show-themed purchases). However, I'm decently sure than a "But in Purple I'm Stunning" stein will at least be a pretty fun sort of thing to own, and some of the rest of the stuff will turn into Christmas gifts (Babylon 5 is, to my knowledge, the only tv show that both my mother and my father liked). However, I just realized I forgot to buy a hat, so I guess I'll be tacking that on when Volume 3 comes out.

Also, I had a dream last night about clothes. Unlike normal people, however, this was not a "naked dream". This was, rather, a "surprised to suddenly be wearing pants dream", which I'm led to believe is less common.

And now, time for my LAST CLASS OF THE TERM!

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