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Busy weekend

I have spent this weekend catching up on any and all missing social interaction from my normal life. It's been fun, but I'm kind of looking forward to Monday, when I will be back in Eugene and can have a few days off from the social. Next weekend is right before finals anyway, so it'll be good timing for me to be a homebody.

On Thursday, I went to Thanksgiving dinner at my mother's house. We ended up having way too much food because Jim, Mom and Tom's high school friend who occasionally lives in their basement (it's becoming increasingly like a sitcom over there), decided at the last minute to go to his mother's house instead and my cousin Jonathan decided to make the rounds of dinners this year so he didn't want to tank up at ours since he had two more to go to. It was pretty low key this year, with only a few guests and all of them except for Jonathan's girlfriend being people we knew pretty well. Also, I went over to dad's house and did giant piles of laundry.

On Friday, greatblondelf and Siobhan came over, and we went out to lunch. Then we called qousqous and arranged to meet him and unkle_social at the art museum. When we get there, it turns out that two_star, daraknor, and Richelle, daraknor's girlfriend, were coming along too, but that the art museum has a really long line. We ended up basically wandering around and not doing much, although we did spend some time at an arcade. Then we had to put the Ashley on a bus to another country (boo!), so the group got smaller. Also, thegrungediva stole two_star away from us.

The five of us went out for pizza and then went back to my dad's place to hang out, drink, and play games. The original plan called for calling a cab to get Ian and Richelle to the MAX station eventually, but it turns out that cabs don't like to come out to Aloha on Friday nights to take people only a mile, which sucks. Thus, it turned into Sleepover Expo 3000!!!111oneone. Or something. I managed to accomplish drinking and getting mildly drunk without going over the line to horribly obnoxiously drunk as far I know, which is always a plus. I think I even remember everything that happened (within normal tolerances for my memory, meaning that I don't, for example, remember who was ahead or behind in Trivial Pursuit when we quit, but that I do remember that we played it and that I had about 3 pie pieces), which is a good sign.

We played DDR, Trivial Pursuit, and Truth or Dare. Playing Truth or Dare with Real Adults is kind of sad, actually, since we're really past the point where we have a lot of burning questions about each other's love lives that we haven't just come out and asked. (For context for occasional readers, this group consisted of two couples and me, and three out of four of those other people had lived together for a summer, and I've gone out with both of the guys in the past at least for a little bit, so except for Ian's new girlfriend these weren't exactly people who had a lot of mysteries with each other.) Plus, we're all reasonably nice people so it's hard to come up with good dares. We had fun anyway, though.

Today, I was woken up by Sean telling me goodbye, and then drove Ian and Richelle back to Ian's place. I then immediately drove to my mother's and Mom, Tom, and I went to go see the new Harry Potter movie (it was ok, but nothing special). The three of us went out to dinner at a nearby bar (I had the steak, salmon, and shrimp platter) and then I went over to two_star's, since we'd made vague plans to go bowling or something. Since the local bowling alley (where, incidentally, I had my 10th birthday party) was doing that stupid blacklight bowling, this quickly turned into "or something". We eventually ended up playing cards over at thegrungediva's.

Tomorrow, my dad gets back form his girlfriend's house, so I'll finally ge to see him. Also, I'm possibly meeting giapet for lunch or something. Then I need to head back to Eugene and grade papers all night.

Thus, this weekend isn't really going to contain much of a "down" day. I wish I could spread the hanging-out over a wider time period somehow rather than have entire weeks go by in which I don't socialize outside of class, then have times when I have nonstop things happening for 4 days, but I guess this is what happens when you move to a new city and still keep up with friends and family in the old. I've had a lot of fun, though.

I need sleep. I have to get up early enough tomorrow to throw several sets of sheets in the wash (since 4 extra people slept over last night) and round up all of the empty bottles from last night. I also need to get to the store to replace the soda my friends drank.

I need to figure out some way to lure these people to Eugene.

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