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Trivial Pursuit Pie Party?

So, it has been my longstanding (probably about a year) ambition to throw a party in which we play Trivial Pursuit (probably in teams) and when you get a pie piece, you get an actual piece of pie in an appropriate color (I am planning to allow repeats, so you can end up with a substantial amount of some variety of green pie if you are anything like me). The winner would get to take a pie pan and make a "franken-pie" with a pie's worth of pieces from all of the different pies lying around.

I am vaguely thinking that blue - blueberry, pink - cherry, yellow - lemon, brown - chocolate, green - lime, and orange - pumpkin, but am completely open to other types of pie representing each color as well and consider these 6 more of a "proof of concept". (I am thinking that everyone would bring a pie in one of the colors with them.)

I am curious how much interest there is in such a party, and if the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend in Portland would be a good time and place to throw it (note that I have not yet checked with persons such as my dad, who have a lot of influence over my ability to throw parties on Thanksgiving weekend in Portland).

Thus, a poll:

So how do you feel about all this?

While I support this concept in theory, I live nowhere near you and/or don't know you well at all, so am unlikely to come to this party regardless
That sounds like a good time and place to me, so I will probably come if this happens
While Portland sounds like a good place, I am busy that weekend (and will suggest an alternate weekend in the comments)
Neither Portland nor Thanksgiving weekend work for me, but if you had it on another weekend in Eugene I'd be likely to come
I dislike either you, Trivial Pursuit, and/or pie, and thus have no intentions of coming to such a party

I welcome comments on the matter as well.

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