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Not likely to be a very meaningful entry

I've been babbling to Kelly's-Chris on AIM, but that seems to have quieted down.

On friday night, Boyfriend-Chris and I went out to my dad's house while he was out of town. We usually do that, and dad doesn't seem to really mind. I always leave him plenty of groceries and so forth, so he really doesn't have much to complain about. This time I left him:
  • 5 lbs of ground beef (in freezer)
  • half of a brick of cheese
  • half of a package of bacon
  • a packet of taco seasoning (unopened)
  • over half a package of tater tots
  • most of a gallon of milk
  • half of a package of taco shells
  • a bit of sour cream
    I also did his dishes and folded the laundry that was in the dryer.

    Anyway, it's always fun to go over there, because then I can cook for my sweetie. I made him tacos for dinner and bacon & potatoes for breakfast.

    I got DoOon Mode out of the library yesterday. Yay! Even though it's finals next week and I should be reading for my classes, I sat and read the whole thing last night. There were a few continuity errors, but it was good overall. At least now I know how the story ends. Could have done without the Xanth crossover, though. Actually, could have done without a few other things too, but oh well. I'm still glad I read it.

    Today was Finals Brunch, which meant yummy seafood. All you can eat crab, shrimp and smoked salmon. Yum!

    I also helped Boyfriend-Chris finish filming his video project today. He had to reshoot some footage because the person from his class who was his original cameraman left the time/date stamp on, ruining the footage. Grr. So I ran the camera and it all worked out. He's in the editing suite now, poor sweetie. The analog suite sucks badly. The digital is better, but he isn't allowed to use it because he's in the beginning class. (Too many people want to use it, so they're really restrictive on who can. Makes sense, but the analog suite is pretty much crap.)

    I don't want to have papers due tomorrow.

    I very don't want to have papers due tomorrow.

    Especially the one on virtual child pornography for my Legal and Ethical Issues in Mass Media class. I'm tired of thinking about it. It's a big-icky-headache kind of problem. Bah.

    Only 3 papers and one test to go...
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