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On the shit list: Quest Diagnostics

So, back in April, when I still had, for some reason, a theory that the medical establishment might have some clue what was wrong with me, my doctor ordered some labwork done. She merrily sent my various bodily fluids off to a lab to see if any of them held clues to why I was in pain. As they reveled no such clues, I pretty much put all of this out my head.

So anyway, recently I got a bill from Quest Diagnostics, stating that they needed some additional information to bill my insurance carrier. They also had the wrong insurance carrier listed. I called their phone number, and after much fun with the automated system and keying in invoice numbers, a recorded voice told me to fill in the information on the back of my bill and send it in. I did so.

Today, I got another bill from Quest Diagnostics, for the other set of bloodwork. This time, they helpfully explained that my old insurance company had denied the claim (unsurprising, as I hadn't been with them in over a year). So, back to the automated system. Finally, I gave up and hit "0" to talk to a human being. It took about 5 minutes to change to my real insurance carrier over the phone. I mentioned that last time I had filled out the back of the bill and mailed it to them, as instructed by the automated system. She told me not to do that, to always call them directly (I still have no idea how I was supposed to have done this without overriding their automated system, as it never gave me any such damn option).

No love for this company. I'll be pretty pissed if I have to deal with this again.

I always find medical bills particularly maddening when they find absolutely nothing wrong. I hate being just as sick as before and somewhat poorer almost every time I try to deal with the medical system. (I have been trying to get them to figure out what is wrong with my digestive system for half of my life, and nothing has ever shown up on any of the many and varied tests.)

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