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Today is the last day to have mail-in registrations postmarked by for Kumoricon. I've decided to go since it's a three day weekend so I can be in Portland for it pretty easily. Is anyone else going and would like to meet up at some point? Has anyone not already made hotel reservations and might if they had people to go in with (the hotel added more rooms, so as of today the site showed an available 4 person 2 bed room at the con rate, which I am unwilling to do alone but would do with 2 or 3 accomplices)? I don't really need a room since it's on the MAX line and I can park and ride from dad's house, but I'm willing to pay $50-$75 for a "home base" during the con which I may or may not be sleeping in (sleep? at a con?). I'm pretty unwilling to pay $200 for the same privilege, so I won't be reserving any such thing without at least two other people.

Anyway, no one has been talking about this con, at least not in posts that I can see. Is anyone going?

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