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Victory over breakfast!

I made breakfast foods for lunch today (I like breakfast foods, but my stomach never wants anything complicated in the morning, so I've been tending to eat yogurt instead), and it was edible. Hooray!

This is mostly surprising because I cooked the bacon and poached eggs without consulting any kind of recipe at (well, I never do for bacon, but I cook eggs so rarely that I usually look up directions for them), and halved the pancake recipe and substituted water and sour cream for milk in it.

Yay food!

Additionally, I feel surprisingly good for having eaten two eggs, so perhaps my system can tolerate them again. That would simplify baking and ordering in restaurants significantly.

In unrelated news, I am unconvinced that low-rise underwear is for me, and I don't think I'll buy any more of it. (It was on sale.)

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