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I am toying with heading to Portland for one of the next two weekends. I want to rescue some more of my stuff, do my laundry, and have Adventures. The coming weekend would have the advantage of leaving a more comfortable laundry margin, the weekend after I could get away for 4 days instead of 3 and a half (I don't have Monday classes either weekend, but I have something on Friday morning this week). So anyway, I was wondering if people would be around.

Which weekend(s) would you be around/available?

July 23rd-24th
July 30th-31st

I'm also going to have a couple of weeks of free time in mid-August. I haven't decided how I'll spend all of it yet, although some of it will be spent with Chris on some kind of vacation. I'm open to suggestions for the rest of the time, if anyone has any fun ideas that aren't too expensive or wants a houseguest that's a picky eater but will sleep on the floor.

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