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Not a summer person

I am not loving this weather. I know it's way hotter in other parts of the country, but I'm tired of wearing short sleeves and tired of feeling hot. I'm going to have a horrible electric bill from running the air conditioner at night, too, but I have enough trouble sleeping without feeling hot while I do it, too.

The fact that it is just a room air conditioner and that the computer is not in that room means that my motivation for getting online is falling. I'm thinking of getting a rocking chair for my bedroom, so I can read books in there someplace other than my bed.


Also, I get to go to my cousin's engagement party today. It's at a golf club. I'm sure I'm going to fit so well. I've decided that I WILL wear a dress, but I WILL NOT shave my legs. Or shower, since it hasn't been a week yet and the idea of hot water in this weather sounds horrible. But I won't show up in jeans, like my other cousin and I did for Bill's funeral a few years back (I forget that funerals were a formal thing, I assume she did too). Also, I am even now in the process of brushing out my hair.

I hope they appreciate my efforts at conformity for their sake.

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