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Today is shooting out "gonna suck" omens all over

My cell phone went off a little before 8 this morning, and it was one of my dad's friends wondering why her caller ID said I called her at a bit after midnight. Or rather, why my dad did, since my phone shows up with his name. Obviously, I didn't call her. After thinking about it, I remembered that my phone had turned off its "keyguard" feature again (which is supposed to make it disregard keystrokes but it turned off by, you guessed it, a keystroke) and that the battery had been really low when I took it out of my purse to charge last night. I believe that it called her up when it got bumped or something. Yippee. If it was a long call and made me go over minutes, I'm going to complain to the phone people.

So anyway, she woke me up way earlier than I'd planned to get up on a "reading day" (the days between classes and finals). Grr. Stupid phone.

Then at 9, a tow truck came and towed away a car, setting off its alarm. For a really long time. Yippee. The alarm did not seem to attract the attention of the owner however, and the thing was eventually towed away. Real effective alarm, guy. Annoyed a bunch of people, yet didn't seem to get your attention. Yippee.

I never really did get back to sleep after that. Grr.

Ah well, that's life.

And now I'm talking to Sean over ICQ, so something seems to be going well, anyway.

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