December 8th, 2011

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Three rejected holiday card photos and how to get the winner

On Tuesday, I took Annabelle the Basset Hound to a local park in an effort to get Christmas card photos to send out to my pet-sitting clients. It was pretty much a fiasco, and I've concluded that if I do this again I'll have to bribe someone else to go along to either camera-wrangle or dog-wrangle.

If you'd like a card mailed to you, please comment to this post (on either Dreamwidth or LiveJournal) with your mailing address. Comments will be screened, although I'll unscreen comments that don't include an address.

I'm sharing three of the outtakes here. At least I didn't have to pay money to have these developed.

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So anyway, while the card I'm sending out will not be a beautifully posed masterpiece, it will be much, much better than any of those.

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