March 13th, 2010

bounce, silly, adventure, happy

I'm back!

So, I'm back from Consonance and the rest of my Bay Area trip. I'm bogging down trying to write a proper con report (I think I'll have to listen to my recordings a few times through before writing about any of the concerts because it's all a blur to me right now), but I had a great time overall. I got to see and hear several performers that I'd previously only heard on some old, low-quality tapes, and that was pretty exciting for me. (I'd originally gotten into filk as something that one orders out of catalogs rather than someone one can actually participate in, and didn't actually get to a filk circle until years later.) This is also the first time I've gone to a fan convention of any genre all by myself and actually had a good time, and I'm glad that's something that worked out ok for me. (The only previous time I'd tried was the Kumoricon of Extreme Dramaz a few years back, and that wasn't intentional but rather a side effect of having pre-reg'd before the Dramaz and not wanting to waste my money.)

I also had a pretty good time wandering around on mass transit visiting friends for a few days afterward, although I didn't figure out that I wasn't in the most tourist-friendly part of San Francicso until the third day of me wandering around aimlessly when I decided to take the cable car and see if I could steal a menu from Ghiridhelli's to frame next to the one my mom stole in the 70s. Oh well, I had a pretty good time wandering around what was, in retrospect, probably not the nicest part of town for two days before I figured it out and I probably saved a lot of money on food and entertainment that way. I wish I'd had time to go to the aquarium I saw on the third day, though.

I also picked up some kind of stomach bug on the train ride back Thursday and I haven't shaken it off yet, so I've been kind of a lazy slug. I'll try to upload some pictures and expand on all this in a few days.

Now I need to see if I can somehow afford to go to Baycon and/or Westercon this year, as I have now decided that solo convention trips and train rides to California are something I can do.