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Wednesday, January 24th, 2007
19:32 (24.01.07) - I think I'm done with this
This is an email I just sent to feedback@livejournal.com

I am frustrated that I, as a permanent account holder, now see an ad each time I log out. I just now noticed this because I generally log out by just shutting my browser window but I actually wanted to log into one of my other accounts today so I finally noticed.

This feels extremely dishonest of you.

The login page (separate from the front page) gives me a way to log in to my account without being harassed but it is frankly unacceptable to me to see ads as soon as I log out when you know, as a system, that I just logged out of a permanent account. I would accept as a solution for my logging out to not return to the home page but rather a "yup, you logged out all right" page without an ad on it, but I feel that this must change in some way if you are keeping your (ever-shrinking) pledge that those who do not wish to see ads will not see them (particularly those who have paid a great deal of money to this site already).

This is also posted on LiveJournal here: http://community.livejournal.com/lj_ads/5852.html?replyto=688604 and in my journal here: should you choose to respond publically.

Permanent Account Holder and Former Support Volunteer

I'm going to give them about a week to respond. Otherwise, I'm out of here. They've gotten too sketchy for me and I just don't think I can trust them any more. (It's not that this one ad is particularly bad, generally it doesn't actually managed to load for me because I'm on dialup, but I wouldn't have joined a LiveJournal like the one it is today and this is the last straw for me participating and thus encourging others to use their service and see their ads.)

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